About Tracy

Our home is the center of our life. It is our refuge and our treasure and the investment in our home is likely the single greatest financial investment we will ever make. For all those reasons, it is a privilege to be a guide and adviser when someone is considering the sale or purchase of a home. Over the years, it has been a joy to see so many experience the excitement and sense of achievement as they maneuver through the life events that lead to a move. I’m grateful to have been a partner with so many in this momentous process. Whether they be first time buyers, retirees downsizing, people realizing the dream of building a brand new luxury home or someone buying a vacation home, each and every one of those people deserve to feel the confidence that comes from having the support of a professional, responsible agent.

When I became a Realtor in 1998, I truly found my passion. This role of meeting new people and being their partner in making their dreams come true, is really a privilege and very exciting to me. What I have offered my clients since then is simple. I want to understand your goals and dreams and then work hard for you every day to make those a reality. My past clients rave about my work ethic and dedication to excellence and I intend to impress you with a level of care and attention that is unmatched. You couldn’t possibly find a more attentive, resourceful, responsive and responsible guide. I am disheartened to see far too many realtors, doing a far too sloppy and lackluster job for their clients. It is my aim to prove to every client that I am different and offer better. You can be sure that I don’t make empty promises and I am not satisfied unless I fulfill my promise to provide you with extraordinary service. My family is important to me and I know how much a move would impact them. I want to treat your family just as carefully as I would my own. 

Why is my site called Michigan Home Hound? This came about due to a few factors. 1. The symbol of a hound illustrates my commitment to support local dog rescues. Those who participate in the tireless effort to rescue and recover needy animals that have been hurt or neglected is never-ending. I donate to local rescues at every closing to support their efforts. 2. That same symbol well illustrates the level of dedication I personally feel towards each and every client. Like a hound on the hunt, I am truly relentless in my efforts to bring about the results and success and reward that you deserve when buying or selling a home. This relentless spirit is a blessing in my work, as it makes me a strong negotiator, responsive to your needs and tireless in my pursuit of every advantage and resource that I can find and provide for you. We have had four Beagles in our family. Currently, we have two, named Ruby and Mojo. The name of my page may also be my nod to them. 

Whether you plan to buy or sell right now, or in the future, let’s talk about a plan and strategy that will provide you with the most positive and productive experience and the most rewarding outcome. Just ask and I will provide you with contact information for past clients who have offered to share a firsthand account of their experience working with me.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!